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Great honour: Royal visit to the Jean Marie Pfaff Museum in Beveren

High-ranking visitor in Beveren. None other than Prince Laurent, the brother of Belgium's King Philippe, paid a visit to the pop-up museum of the former Belgian national goalkeeper and let Pfaff accompany him through the rooms of the old community centre. And the brother of the Belgian monarch was very impressed by the exhibition. "Jean-Marie Pfaff is a great personality, you can't compare him to anyone".

The Prince showed great interest in the hundreds of jerseys, photos, souvenirs, trophies and relics documenting the life of Jean-Marie Pfaff. "What is on display here has cost me blood, sweat and tears. My homecoming to Mexico in Brussels in '86 is one of the most beautiful moments of my life," Pfaff said, not without pride. "The Prince's visit is a great honour for me".

And the latter announced that he would pay the museum another visit. "My two sons are big football fans, I will definitely come back with you again. I am really impressed by this exhibition. Jean-Marie is very authentic. I admire him a lot because he achieved everything himself, nothing was ever given to him. He is a person with a lot of drive, someone who wants to achieve his goal. We can be very proud".

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