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Interview on the death of Franz Beckenbauer

Mr Pfaff, how did you find out about Franz Beckenbauer's death?

JMP: My management called me shortly after the news broke.

How did you take the sad news?

JMP: I was shocked, I first had to sit down and shed a tear or two. Franz was a good friend, we met up again a good year ago and had dinner together in Salzburg. His death makes me very sad, even though it was known that he hadn't been in good health recently.

What does Franz Beckenbauer's death mean for German football?

JMP: Germany and FC Bayern have lost the greatest player the country has ever had. And also a personality who did a lot for Germany's image around the world. His sporting successes are impressive proof of this: twice world champion, European champion, multiple German champion, European Cup winner and cup winner. Franz was also one of the most likeable people I have ever met. He was never unfriendly or arrogant. He fulfilled every interview request and every autograph request. He had a kind word for everyone. Franz was a great personality. We will miss him very much.

What anecdote immediately springs to mind when you think of Franz Beckenbauer?

JMP: We once flew together from Hamburg to Frankfurt after an away match with FC Bayern. He was team manager of the German national team at the time. On the flight, we talked about goalkeeper training. I advised him to get Sepp Maier as goalkeeping coach for the national team. And shortly afterwards, Sepp was actually appointed to the coaching staff by Franz. I also like to think back to the evening when the Hall of Fame of German football was founded in the Football Museum in Dortmund. After the official part, we sat together in a small circle. Sepp Maier, Andreas Brehme, Lothar Matthäus and Franz. Sepp told one funny anecdote after another, we all had a lot of fun and sometimes could hardly hold back our laughter.

Jean-Marie Pfaff and Franz Beckenbauer having dinner together in Salzburg in 2022

Jean-Marie Pfaff and Franz Beckenbauer having dinner together in Salzburg in 2022

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