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Pfaff wants to bring the 2027 Women's World Cup to Europe

On 17 May, the FIFA Congress in Bangkok will award the hosting of the 2027 Women's World Cup. Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany have submitted a joint bid to organise the event. Brazil is also in the running as a competitor.

On Monday, the delegation from the Belgian Football Association travelled to Thailand. On board was 64-time Belgian international goalkeeper Jean-Marie Pfaff, who wants to help bring the tournament to Europe in the Far East.

‘Women's football has experienced a huge upswing in recent years,’ said Pfaff before travelling to Bangkok. ‘The stadiums are getting fuller and fuller, and the media is also reporting more and more about women's football. More and more young girls are playing football in the small clubs. Women's football is booming and a World Cup in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium would give the sport another major boost in all three countries. We showed that we are capable of organising a major tournament in 2000, when Belgium and the Netherlands jointly hosted the European Football Championship.’

Despite the prominent support, Brazil is the favourite for the award. The South American bid is rated a little higher by FIFA's evaluation report. Although the report is only a recommendation for the 211 FIFA members and final tournaments have often been awarded against the best rating in the past, Brazil is now the favourite going into the vote.

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